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Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS successfully delivered one of the largest orders in the company`s 75-years history


A very extensive technology for a special harbour has been produced in Jemgum, Germany for an Asian end customer of the Wärtsilä Singapore site. The order included:


- Three DC voltage power supplies with each 210 kilowatt output power

- Four rectifiers with each maximum 1.9 megawatt charging capacity

- Two finely graduated switchable battery charger resistor devices each maximum 1.9 megawatt, consisting of each 5 discharge resistor units plus each one control cabinet


A total of over 55 t net weight, packed in 21 wooden boxes, partially 2.7 m high.
The total volume of 236 cubic metres was stowed in 5 large 40“sea container and went on the journey to Asia.


Nearly 20 month have passed from the procurement via the detailed clarification of all requirements and customer wishes up to the delivery. During this time it was designed, constructed, planned, documented, material procured, various special mechanics were made, complete system cabinets mechanical and electrical were built up, up to 6.5 m long and 10 tons heavy systems were transported in house, test stations and test equipment for these high outputs were build up, tests including approvals were carried out and finally the systems were split on moveable units, packed and delivered.


At the acceptance on the Jemgum site the Asian delegation, consisting of 10 people, were extremely impressed and full of praise with the performance of the JOVYATLAS team.


One of the main challenges and unique in the entire world – in this performance with these particular features – was the realisation of a special provision for a 24-pulse rectification.



„A huge praise to the whole team“, said Volker Harling, General Manager of the Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS GmbH, „only by ensuring the best possible interaction between highly motivated employees it is possible to implement such high quality projects -which are really unique in the world- in our East Frisian plant“. „As I said before I can only say thanks to all people involved“, Harling continued.


„At the same time I am pleased to inform that we have secured some more orders for such special technology. This makes me quite optimistic in this difficult world situation”, said Volker Harling finally.